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Commercial Cool Roofing

A Sustainable, Protective, Cost-Effective Method Of Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofers

Cool roofing is a system that employs materials designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. This type of roofing can be attractive to commercial building owners for multiple reasons, including cooler air temperatures within the building and other energy savings. HP Roofing Pro can install cool roofing systems in a time and cost-effective manner so there is little to no business interruption.

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How Does Cool Roofing Work?

At HP Roofing Pro, we specialize in installing cool roofing systems using our high-quality acrylic roofing system. This system can be installed with highly reflective paint, a sheet covering, tiles, or shingles.

Acrylic roofing systems are a type of cool roofing system that can provide various benefits to commercial building owners. These systems are typically made up of an acrylic coating applied over an existing roofing substrate.

Acrylic coatings are a popular choice for cool roofing systems because they are highly reflective and can help reduce the heat absorbed by a building’s roof. This can result in lower cooling costs and improved energy efficiency, making acrylic roofing systems a cost-effective choice for many commercial buildings.

Benefits Of Commercial Cool Roofing Systems

There are multiple benefits to installing a cool roofing system for both building owners and inhabitants. These benefits can include:

  • Reduce monthly energy consumption via reduced air conditioning usage
  • Cool Roofs help for LEED Certification
  • Improve overall comfort in environments that aren’t air-conditioned (i.e., garages, storage spaces, etc.)
  • Decrease roof temperatures, which ultimately serves to prolong the working life of a roof
  • Increase overall roof life
  • Can lead to rebates and other incentives
Commercial Roofers Los Angeles County

How Does HP Roofing Pro Cool Roofing Installation Work?

The first step would be to send one of our expertly trained commercial roofing technicians to inspect the roof in order to determine if cooling is possible and which type of cooling method would be best based on the material. Our process does not include tearing off the existing roof, which minimizes costs on the building owner’s end. This lack of tear-off also means that there is little to no disruption to any building occupants. At HP Roofing Pro, our goal is to provide quality commercial roofing repair and installation to clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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