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Solar Panel Roofing Installation

Join the sustainability movement and install solar panels for your commercial or industrial property in Southern California!

Solar Panel Installation

What is Solar Panel Roofing?

Installing solar panels on your roof is a sustainable way to generate direct current electricity for your business without a negative environmental impact. Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy, and the roof is the ideal area for installation.


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Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Lower Energy Costs

Traditional energy resources like oil and gas tend to increase and fluctuate in price. This means higher overhead costs for your business which eat away at your profit. Affordable energy solutions such as solar panel roofing can help and is a smart investment for a business owner.

In the summertime, when energy demands are at their peak, it is coincidentally also the time that solar panels produce the highest amount of energy due to increased sunlight offsetting the large amount of traditional energy that a facility will need.

Installing Solar Panels

Carbon Reduction

Solar panels produce significantly fewer carbon emissions per unit of energy compared to coal or gas. It is a renewable energy source that does not deplete the planet’s natural resources. Unlike traditional energy, solar energy is easily available, quiet, and clean. Utilizing solar panels is a great way to contribute to the global mission to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change.


Solar panels, when properly applied, last longer than other roofing materials so the sections of your roof covered by panels will likely last longer than those without. While it is a significant investment in your business, it is worthwhile as solar panels last for decades — 30 years or longer is the industry standard.

How Does Solar Paneling Installation Work?

Our solar panel roofing experts will work with you to ensure you are confident in your installation. Here is how it works.

  • First, our solar roofing technicians would come out to inspect your current roof in order to determine if the solar panels can be installed and what would work best based on the roof material.
  • After a thorough consultation, we will provide a complete solution and determine the best plan of action for your business.

Please note that when installing solar panels, it is advised to consider roof renovations as well. Solar panels are most effective and last longer when built on a solid roof. If the existing roof needs renovations at some point after the solar panels have already been installed, the panels will need to be removed and reinstalled resulting in unnecessary costs. At HP Roofing Pro, our goal is to provide quality solar panel roofing installation to clients in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Solar panel installation costs depend on many factors including the size of your roof, its materials, as well as its condition. We take pride in offering affordable prices and superior customer service. Please get in touch today to get your free estimate.

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