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Your Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors in Riverside, CA

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Commercial roofing repairs and installations. We'll take care of repairs, maintenance, and installations of roofing and solar panels.

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Industrial Roofing Contractor That Won't Let You Down

Is your roof in need of repairs or maintenance? Let us intervene before things get any worse.

Damages that aren't fixed right away will continue to get worse. Leaks get bigger, damages to your property increase.

It's a smart business move to hire a contractor right away to minimize the costs and the damage.

We're the expert commercial roofers. We'll get the job done quickly and get it done well.

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Fast and Reliable Service

Roofing issues can disturb your business. We understand that you want to avoid downtime. That's why we're the #1 commercial roofing contractor in Riverside, CA. Our turnaround time is incredibly fast. Call us, and we'll get someone out to you as soon as possible.

Our contractors are reliable and professional. We'll always arrive on time and ready to get the job done.

Repairs Experts

Whatever happened to your roof, our team knows how to handle the situation. We deal with solar panels, starlight removals, roof leak repairs, roof replacements, and more. We have experience fixing roofs damaged by things like:

  • Strong winds and falling trees
  • Fire
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Animals
  • General Wear and Tear

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Professional Service

Expect nothing but VIP treatment from our contractors. They're professional with a friendly approach. Our contractors always arrive on time, organized and presentable. You don't have to worry about having them at your business' site.

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No Obligation Quote

Get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote. Our team is happy to assist you, give you a turnaround estimate, and answer any questions. Getting a quote from us doesn't commit you to hire us for the job.

How It Works

Step 1: Get a Quote

Speak to one of our colleagues to arrange a quote. Our contractors will come out to your property. They'll take measurements and assess the job. Then they'll give you a quote for the job.

Step 2: Hire Us

When you're ready, let us know that you'd like us to go ahead with the job. With bigger jobs like solar panel installations or complete roof replacements, we will consult you about the details, designs, etc. For smaller jobs, we'll just get on with it.

Step 3: Roof Repair

On the day, our crew will come out and get on with the job. Usually, we can get the work done in one day. Afterward, we will clean up and make sure everything is the way it should be.

Step 4: Inspection

After completion of the work, our experts will inspect the roofing to ensure everything is perfect. If any adjustments need to be made, the inspector will raise this with our roofing specialists. They'll get the job done right away.

What Our Customers Say

Property owners from every industry imaginable trust HP Roofing Pro. While we could use this space to brag, we think our work speaks for itself.

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