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Install The Most Cost-Effective Protection For Your Commercial Roof

Installing a seamless commercial roofing system is an extremely popular choice among building owners, property managers, and businesses. The cost-effectiveness and durability of the system both make it an attractive component to successful commercial roof maintenance. Let HP Roofing Pro install a seamless commercial roofing system for your building today.

What Is A Seamless Commercial Roofing System?

Seamless roofing involves the utilization of a consistent membrane body coating. Because there are no seams, seamless roofs are not as susceptible to leaks, drips, or any other sort of moisture penetration. These types of roofing systems create a stronger protective barrier and are viewed as more cost-effective from a long-term vantage point due to the reduction in maintenance costs. 

Benefits Of A Seamless Commercial Roofing System

There are many different benefits to installing a seamless commercial roofing system. Some of these benefits include:

  • Sealing off any existing leaks – A new seamless commercial roofing layer can immediately stop any existing leaks. The new membrane will cover any existing roofing and protect it from the outside elements. 
  • Cutting off the common sources for leaks – Leaks can often be traced back to poor quality craftsmanship and installation. HP Roofing Pro’s precise installation of a seamless commercial roofing system ensures that all vulnerable areas will be covered and protected. 
  • Makes it easier to identify leaks (if any) due to membrane – The type of membrane used in a seamless commercial roofing system allows for leaks to be more localized and therefore easier to spot compared to other roofing systems that may have sub-pockets of space for water to collect. 
  • Can be written off – A seamless commercial roofing system installation can be categorized as maintenance instead of a capital expenditure. The entire cost of installation can be written off in a year as opposed to other roofing systems that are amortized over the course of several years.