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Project Description

The existing industrial roof system comprised of plywood roof deck and multi-ply, built-up roofing (BUR) with granular-surfaced cap sheet. Some sections also include elastomeric roof coating and silicone roof coating on sections on the roof for repairs. A Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) is to be applied on top of the existing substrate.

Alco Designs - Gardena - Project Details

Alco Designs
Gardena, California
48,000 Square Feet
October 2019


The existing slope on the roof had been altered due to minor leaks over the years and vibration, causing the rafter beams to shift. This had created large areas of ponding water. The building owner wanted to address their roof issues using the most economical roofing application possible.

  • Western Colloid’s Fluid Applied roofing system can be applied directly to the existing TPO roof surface
  • Eliminating the troubles and potential operational impacts of a conventional tear-off and reroof.


Alco Designs looked to HP Roofing Pro for expert commercial roofing knowledge. As one of the industry’s leaders in sustainable roofing applications, HP Roofing Pro looked into applying a commercial roof restoration system. This would allow the building owner to avoid a costly tear-off and reroof. A roof tear-off is an antiquated roofing approach as this commercial roof application can cost 3-5 times more than a commercial roof restoration system. Moreover, a tear-off approach is not sustainable as it sends more waste into the landfill.

After careful consideration, HP Roofing Pro and Alco Designs agreed that an SRM would be the most appropriate application for the situation because of the ponding water problems on the roof. The specified system was a 40 mil silicone coating system with Progressive Materials Silicone. This system is backed with a 20 year No Dollar Limit (NDL) by the manufacturer, Progressive Materials Silicone.

Before starting the project, HP Roofing Pro identified the sections on the roof with ponding water issues. In those locations, the roof deck and beams were in poor condition.

HP Roofing Pro replaced the woodwork and installed an insulation board to build up the low ponding areas to enhance the roof drainage. Once this was completed, a new roof membrane was torched on top, and the SRM was applied to the existing roof substrate.

As a result, HP Roofing Pro saved the client a significant amount of money by not going with a tear-off application and reduced the amount of waste sent into the landfill.


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