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VIDEO Case Study- Good Food Market Re-Roofing In Pasadena CA

Project Description

The existing roof is a barrel roof comprised of a wood deck and multi-ply, built-up roofing (BUR) with granular-surfaced cap sheet. The existing BUR was losing its reflective granules, and the waterproofing asphalt had deteriorated. The supermarket had experienced various leaks throughout the years where they performed temporary repairs and patches. Overtime, these leaks became unmanageable, and the market had decided to search for professional help

Project Details

Pasadana, California
15,000 Square Feet
February 2020


The existing barrel roof on the Good Food Market building has a fairly slope roof. Slope roofs can cause slips while working. A regular 15,000 square feet commercial low slope roof will typically take our roofers about 1 week to complete. However, with this being a steep slope barrel roof, it will take us approximately 2 weeks to complete as our roofers will need to tie off while working to prevent any slips.

  • We're using mastic with polyester reinforcement on the seems.
  • After we're done using mastic and polyester reinforcement we want acrylic and reinforced acrylic or polyester


Good Food Market reached HP Roofing Pro for their expert knowledge in the roofing industry and their unique expertise and approach to sustainable roofing. After a thorough roof analysis, HP Roofing Pro had noticed that the roof deck was still sounded. The problem was the waterproofing on the roof membrane. The waterproofing was no longer functional.  HP Roofing Pro recommended an acrylic-coated roofing system to be installed over the existing roof membrane. Acrylic roofing systems are durable and versatile. Their primary function is to add a waterproofing layer over the existing roof. Furthermore, these systems are primarily in white and other light colors. They are extremely reflective of the sun’s UV rays and reduce heat transfer into the building. As a result, less energy would be required to cool the interior space during a warm day, saving the business owner money on their energy consumption.

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