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Project Description

 The existing roof was a multi-ply, built-up roofing (BUR) with a granular-surfaced cap sheet. The existing cap sheet roof membrane was coated with white acrylic. It was evident that the roof had issues prior as there had been numerous repairs by other contractors. These repairs had piled up over time as more and more materials were added on top of the existing roof membrane, creating numerous ponding issues on the roof. This altered the original slope design for the roof as it impeded the proper flow of water off the roof.

The owner of the building had a number of roofing contractors access the existing roof conditions. Due to the poor conditions of the existing roof membrane, all of them provided a costly tear-off and installation of a completely new roof membrane. When the building owner contacted HP Roofing Pro, we took a more creative approach in trying to address the building owner’s problems. We realized the majority of the existing roof deck was still in sound condition. A few sections of the roof deck had been compromised due to ongoing leak issues. However, those compromised roof locations were easily addressed by changing out the wood on the roof deck.

Total Re-Roof Silicone Roofing System - Project Details

42,000 Square Feet
Chino, CA
July 2021


The building operated as a distribution center. It was important that the roofing project did not interrupt the building operations. Since this roofing project consisted of installing a silicone roofing system, HP Roofing Pro did not have to do any extensive tear-off. This was a significant plus for the building owner as their normal operations did not need to be interrupted. A silicone roof is a fluid-applied system that would go over the existing roof system to provide waterproofing to the building.

  • Silicone Roofing Systems
  • Silicone roofing systems are durable.
  • Eliminating the troubles and potential operational impacts of a conventional tear-off and reroof.
  • Save the business owner money on their energy consumption.
  • Silicone Roofing Systems are versatile and are highly susceptible to ponding water issues on roofs.


The building owners contacted HP Roofing Pro for their expert knowledge in the roofing industry and their unique expertise and approach in sustainable roofing. They were receiving quotes from other roofing contractors for an extensive tear-off and reroof that was about 2-3 times the price HP Roofing Pro quotes them. Moreover, the tear-off application would have impacted the building tenant’s business operations. The primary issue for the roof was that the waterproofing was no longer functional.  HP Roofing Pro recommended a silicone roofing system to be installed over the existing roof membrane. Silicone roofing systems are durable, versatile, and are extremely susceptible to ponding water issues on roofs. Their primary function is to add a waterproofing layer on top of the existing roof membrane. Furthermore, these systems are primarily in white and other light colors. They are extremely reflective to the sun’s UV rays and reduce heat transfer into the building. As a result, less energy would be required to cool the interior space during a warm day which will save the business owner money on their energy consumption.


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